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WGYDE7672This is Paula.  Paula’s love affair with San Sebastian stretches back to her childhood, holidays at her grandmother’s place in the old quarter.  Those San Sebastian stays in the family’s iconic old Principe cinema building, meant: film, food, fishing (her dad loved fishing), and family.  These days she spends part of the year in what she calls her “little farm” in the Blue Mountains, Australia, and part of the year in her beloved San Sebastian.

She loves San Sebastian and wants to share it with you: where to eat, where not to eat, outings close by, and anything else you need know. Paula has a Bachelor of Arts in Languages from the UNSW, in Sydney and a background in journalism. Paula is a writer and artist, passionate about the arts, culture,  and as you will see from her web page: climate change and our impact as people here.


4783a05d-f778-46ed-a681-6eb4465ce81cMeet bubbly Andrea, (in the photo with her mum). She loves her city. I mean really loves her city.  She also knows everyone in it.  I know this because when I walk down the street with her here, it’s hard to get where we are going with all the little greeting stops along the way.  We’ll be bumping into her mum who’s back from the market and says bought some mackerel for lunch, the big man with the black apron from the deli shop, the woman who sweeps her coffee shop front, the owner of the bookshop, that famous actor, and the apartment cleaner…All in that ten minute walk between her apartment in the heart of San Sebastian and the boulevard!  I think this is because Andrea loves people and sharing her city.

Andrea is passionate about the arts and is a member of Undermount, one of the best art venues in San Sebastian.  Andrea has a Bachelor of Arts in Law, comes from a family of lawyers and has over a decade of practicing experience in immigration law.  These days she is devoted to her short stay visitors, making them feel both at home in her apartments, and as local in her city.

Paula Ajuria – February 2019